Broodmares, Ours & For Sale

Text Box: Right pic—A beautiful fall trail ride at Ministik Bird Santuary with 2004 foals, Twizzler & Kiwi &  Nanaimo & Kit Kat (I am riding her while taking the picture) 
Text Box: I enjoyed riding my broodmares on trail rides with their foals at side to give the foals a good first impressionable experience at a young age.  Left pic is Vanilla in 1998.

Blue (RP Miss Clear Coat) is a 15HH cremello homozygous tobiano APHA mare from Iowa.  I purchased her fall 2011 and she had a dark buckskin filly in July 2013.  I sold her April 2014.  She has had 3 foals for her new owners. In May 2019 I leased her back and bred her to Padrino, an Andalusian for a May 2020 foal.

Young Horses

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The row above pictured horses are described left to right.

1st picture (left) — Masters Peanut Brittle 2010 sorrel solid 15.2hh APHA gelding.  He has been quiet and easy to work with.   I enjoy trail riding on him.   Dam:  Chus Irish NanaimoBar 

1st picture (right) — Cherokee is a grade 2009 sorrel 15hh pinto gelding.  We bought him in November 2016 out of shape and not being used for a couple years and Dave has been using him on trail rides. 

2nd picture — Skor (Prince Plaudit Teko) 2009 leopard appaloosa 15hh gelding—purchased Sept 2013.  Dave is trail riding on him and started cattle penning.

2nd picture — Masters Black Nibs 2009 Black 15.3hh APHA mare.  She’s great on the trail and has been to the mountains and is my trail horse. Dam: Chus Irish NanaimoBar 

3rd picture — Nanaimo Bar Blizzard is a 2012 brown tovero 15.3hh pinto warmblood colt, Dam: Chus Irish Nanaimo Bar, Sire:  Precipitation CF.  I got him started spring 2015 with a few arena rides and obstacle clinics and went out for 2 weeks in the mountains in 2016.  Didn’t get much arena time last winter with him, but 3 weeks in the mountains summer of 2017 & 2018 and more in 2019.

4th picture — S`more is a 2014 sorrel tobiano pinto filly Dave rides out of his first mare.  Dam: Stormy (grade black).   Sire:  Panda Bar Dandy (black homozygous tobiano paint) from  New Horizon Ranch

5th picture (below right) — Cherokee/Dave and Blizzard/Lisa swimming in Peppers Lake on a hot day in Sept 2017

Our Personal Riding Horses

Horses For Sale

Email us with what you are looking for as we often have horses for sale or client horses for sale and just don’t have time to post them to the website.

Chocolate Blueberry Flurry is a 15.2hh 2013 buckskin homozygous pinto warmblood tobiano filly, Dam: RP Miss Clear Coat, Sire: Precipitation CF (from Sweet Talk Stables)  Flurry has been started under saddle in the arena and ridden on a trail ride and bred to a Falcon (from New Horizon Ranch) a Friesian for a June 2019 foal. 

Rolo Chocolate Bar  is a 2016 Friesian TB Paint cross 15hh mare. Registered part Friesian and Canadian Pinto.  She is bred to a TB/Paint, Skookum Masterpeace from New Horizon Ranch for a July 2020 foal.

Chocolate Sprinkles (filly) was born May 1, 2019. 


Dam: Chocolate Sundae (warmblood/TB/Paint)


Sire: Precipitation CF, brown homozygous tobiano warmblood (from Sweet Talk Stables)

Goober is a 17.2hh 2010 warmblood gelding.  His sire is by Feuertanzer (Trakehner) and dam is by Bergamon (Hanoverian).  At 7 he was started under saddle and ridden on trails and exposed to busy arenas.  Great ground manners and smooth gaits.  Scored 68% in all 3 training level tests at Amberlea April Dressage Schooling Show-Video.  October Arena-Video.  Should make a nice dressage or all round horse for a tall youth or adult amateur.  Also been to mountains and very steady on the trail and did well in a working equitation clinic.  Great manners, friendly, no maintenance required. 


Blueberry Freezie (colt) was born June 12, 2019. 


Dam: Chocolate Blueberry Flurry (warmblood/Paint)


Sire: Willem Alexander (Friesian) from New Horizon Ranch

September 2019 we picked up these 4 near Vilna from a rescue group.  The 2 bay appy/welsh pony geldings are about 8 years old.  The appy mare is also around 11 years old, and her pinto sorrel colt is 2 years old.  Left to right: Rocky, Bullwinkle, Dakota & Apache.  They haven’t been handled at all in at least 4 years so working on catching, grooming and picking up feet.

Rocky is the friendliest so started in Nov, already loves to jump so might be a future lesson pony.  Apache was gelded and he and Bullwinkle will be started this spring.

Chocolate Sundae is a 16.2hh 2006 warmblood paint/TB cross mare.  She had her first filly, Sprinkles, born May 1, 2019.  We plan to breed her again May 2020. 

Huckleberry & Pumpkin are 2016 Gypsy Vanner cross geldings.  They are ready to be started.

Pretzel was purchased in July 2019.  She is a 2017 percheron paint cross ~15.3hh+.  She was started under saddle this fall and will be ridden in arena and on trails more this spring by Lisa.


Laddie is a 2014 15hh sorrel overo paint.  He was started but not ridden for a year when we purchased him October 2019.  Now riding him in the arena and plan to have him trail riding.

Dakota is a 14.2HH appy mare we rescued from a farm near Vilna Sept 2019.  As she already looked in foal we were worried she might have a baby in January so had her preg checked in October.  The vet couldn’t feel a foal

but she kept getting bigger so had her checked again in January 2020 and sure enough she is due soon.  We think the sire will be the few spot appy in picture to the right.

Raisin is a 15.1HH bay Standardbred mare we purchased January 2020, as the camp she was

at can’t use her for trail riding this summer since she is due in March.  The sire is the Fjord in the picture to the right.

Pirate (black & white) & Captain (sorrel) are 2019 Gypsy Vanner x QH colts.  We plan to work with them so they can get their feet trimmed & be gelded.  Purchased in January 2020 from a guy trying to downsize his herd after his wife left.