Lesson Horses

Xena is a 1999 brown 16hh Appaloosa/Saddlebred mare.  Purchased in 2006 and is ridden by all levels of riders English, Jumping and Western.  Xena is a big solid mare that will happily pack a small or large rider. She only jumps if rider asks, and otherwise has no problem trotting a 2' jump. She doesn't take off long to the jumps so is great to learn to jump and a good confidence builder. She doesn't like other horses too close to her, but does fine with a rider that pays attention to not get her boxed in.

Carmel (Truly Texan Lady) is a 2001 palomino tovero 15.1hh paint mare bought in 2007.  She has been shown in open shows by a junior rider english and western and done many jumping lessons and trail rides. She is very quiet and not spooky about anything.  She is mainly used for therapy classes and Dave uses her for mounted shooting practices.

RP the Peppy Cashier is a 2000 sorrel overo 16.2hh paint gelding.  He used to be a 3 day event horse but got sore jumping higher so in 2009 we bought him.  He is a great confidence builder teaching beginner riders and jumpers as he will jump anything and never over jumps. He has a nice slow smooth canter and small stride.  He was also trained to drive & competed in Battle of the Breeds.

Miss Skippin Fashion is a 2001 dark brown tobiano 15.1hh paint mare.  She switched careers from a broodmare, went to the mountains summer 2006, and was leased to a student that showed her to 3’ jumpers before becoming a lesson horse in 2009.  Click for video clip of 2’6” jumpers first year showing.  She is ridden by beginners and jumping students.  She has a slow smooth trot and is willing to go, but will cut the corners if you let her.

Shandah (Ima Special Dee Too) is a 1995 palomino 15.2hh mare that I have known since she was 3.  After a few of my students owning her I bought her for a lesson horse in 2010.  She is a great all-round horse, with jumping, cattle penning, trail, western pleasure and reining experience.  She is steady and willing.  She doesn’t like her saddle done up, so make sure she’s tied short and leave her feed bag on her nose so she can tell you her opinion of it.

Masters Candy Bar is a 2001 15hh chestnut tovero APHA mare I have raised.  Started in spring of 2004 and after only 20 rides went to 3 open shows and overnight trail rides including a week in the mountains!  Excellent All-round horse.  Click for video clips of English, Jumping & 1st time Cross-Country.  Candy joined the lesson program in 2012 after a few years of students leasing her.  She likes jumping and uses her hind end well, making for a springy trot and canter.

Masters Red Twizzler is a 2004 15.1hh sorrel solid paint gelding I have raised.  He is smooth and  laid back and will jump anything, even from a trot.  Has experience trail riding, western, jumping and cross-country.  Twizzler joined the lesson program summer 2012 after being leased for a  few years. He has smooth gaits, a big stride and enjoys jumping, but wishes he could skip the saddle tightening part.

Masters Irish Mocha is a 2006 palomino solid 15.3hh paint gelding I have raised from a foal.  He was previously leased to a student and was Lisa's competition horse for Spruce Meadows Battle of the Breeds in Driving, Barrels and Trail Obstacles and other horse shows when he was 4. We also ride him in the mountains and on trail rides. He likes jumping and is doing well in lessons. He just wishes he didn’t have to get his girth done up.

Cookie is a 2009 flashy bay roan pintaloosa arab cross 14.2hh mare, purchased in 2014.  She is willing and has a smooth adjustable stride.  She is not spooky and loves jumping, but is quite sensitive so needs a calm, confident rider that can keep her balanced.

Sterling (BMW Mercedes) is a 1994 gray arab 14.2hh mare.  Confident balanced riders love her enthusiasm on the flat as she is very willing and easy to steer.  She will get too fast if you squeeze with your legs or lean forward.  She doesn’t do jumping lessons anymore as she gets too excited and tries to take over control of the speed into the jumps.



Mariah (left picture) is a 1991 bay Trakehner TB 16hh mare.  Mariah has been used for lessons and as a lease horse for many years. She is very steady for flatwork and jumping so great for all levels of riders to learn on.  Untie her to saddle, she’s been done up too tight too quickly and gets worried now that she won’t be able to breath.


Trapper (right picture) is a 1996 chestnut 16.1hh TB gelding.  He’s has been used in lessons for many years and loves to jump. He is good for all levels of riders, but some find his trot a bit bouncy until they get used to it.   Taller riders will like him.

Crème (Coys Creama the Crop), left picture, is Foxy’s half sister, a 2000 light palomino QH 15.2hh mare.  She is used for all levels of riders, but doesn’t like heavy riders.  She is willing and steers easily and jumps from any distance and will set the correct pace and do her lead changes.

Foxy (Majors Sly Fox), right pic is Crème’s half sister, a 2000 dark buckskin QH 15hh mare.  Riders must move slowly around her head or they won't be able to catch or bridle her. She is smooth, slow and steady gaits.

Mickey (Talk of the Town) is a 1999 bay TB 17 hh gelding purchased in 2011.  He competed in 2’9” Hunters for 2 years successfully.  He is smooth and steady in the arena and needs a rider that keeps his attention on them, as he doesn’t like the other horses too close.  Although he has some arthritis he seems to enjoy jumping still, and has no problem with his long legs getting over.

Puttin on the Pink is a 2003 14hh QH mare that joined our lesson program September 2019.  She was previously used as a cutting horse.  Her sire is Peptoboonsmal and dam is by Smart Little Lena.  She is short strided, and very willing and sensitive to riders aids to go and stop.  

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Zeus is a 2000 QH saddlebred 15.1hh gelding.  Zeus likes to jump, and will jump anything from any distance without over jumping. He is not for our beginner riders, as he can get fast if he thinks that is what the rider wants.  He also enjoys trail rides and trips to the mountains.

Lethal Lily is a 2000 bay TB 16.3 hh mare.  She joined our lesson program in 2015.  She goes English and Western and has done jumping and trail rides in the past.  She is very forward and loves to jump.  Great for our more experienced riders that can sit quietly and control her speed. 

Raz (Raspberry Rain) is a 1996 bay 3/4 arab 1/4 Trakehner 14.2hh mare.  Raz does mainly flat lessons and is well liked, although can be stubborn to steer, is smooth, steady and willing to go. She also enjoys jumping with riders that don’t get ahead of her and let her canter all the jumps.  She has figured out that if she is good for the small kids then she doesn’t get ridden by the older ones often.

Beauty is a 2000 palomino 14.3hh QH mare.  She came to us September 2015.  I have know her for years as she has been owned by my students for the past 10 years.  She is great for any level rider but can be stubborn at times.  She has been used in 4-H and jumping shows, as well as trail riding with previous owners. 

Spot Me is a 2000 chestnut pinto/appy 16.1hh gelding.  Spot Me is a big strong smooth gelding that needs a confident experienced rider or he will take over.   He was used as a lease horse in the past but didn’t do well with less experienced riders in the lesson program.  He will only be ridden by a few experienced students to make sure he stays confident.  He has lots of jumping talent and has been ridden in open shows as well. 

Masters Fuzzy Peaches is a 2005 Palomino Overo paint  mare.  I raised her and when she was 2, sold her to a student who trained and showed her in 4-H and open shows and took jumping lessons for years.  She no longer had time for her so I bought her back for a lesson horse.  She does mainly flat lessons now but has jumped in the past.  She is sweet like a peach, except when tightening her saddle.

Phyrefly is at 2002 Bay Trakehner 15.2hh mare.  She steers and goes easily so works well for  jumping with small riders.  She does mainly beginner jumping as she has a smooth jump, and sometimes can be a little stiff so best to not jump too high. 

Whiskey by Request is was purchased June 2016.  He is a 1998 QH/TB.  He’s 16.2hh has been jumping most of his life and is also good for flat work.  He is happiest doing flat work or low jumps  so will be used for beginner and intermediate level students.  He is willing and steady, easy to steer and knows his transitions and leg aids well.

Roper (Ropin the Devil), left, is a 2001 dun QH 15.2hh gelding.  Iris uses him for polocrosse and cattle penning.  He also enjoys trail rides, fun shows and started jumping this summer in camps.  Joining lessons January 2020.

Java, right, is a 2001 black 16hh warmblood cross gelding that has been used for trail riding, clinics, jumping and eventing in the past.  He was purchased Oct 2018 and does jumping and dressage lessons.  He is steady and will jump anything so great for those learning to jump.

Nitro (Nitronic) came to our lesson program in April 2017.  He is a 1996 bay QH 14.3hh gelding.  He was trained and shown in cutting when he was younger and has done arena and trail riding the last few years.  He is quiet, but knows his job, and is suitable for all ages and rider levels for flat lessons.

Maverick (Maritime Merchant) is a 2002 bay 16.2hh TB gelding.  He has been a lesson horse in the past and has lots of experience jumping.  He was just purchased in May 2017.  He enjoys jumping and is great for students learning to jump as he doesn’t like to put in too much effort.  He also does flat lessons for all levels of riders.

Solo Victory SR is a 2007 16hh bay Trakehner gelding purchased in September 2018.  He had an injury to his right eye so he doesn’t see well on that side.  He enjoys jumping and dressage.  He doesn’t overjump, making him suitable for those learning to jump up to intermediate jumping students, as long as they don't pull over the jump. 

Latte (Secunda) is a 2002 bay Canadian Warmblood (Swiss Warmblood/TB cross )15hh mare with a  stripe and 4 socks.  She was used in pony club in the past and has had some time off as her owner moved onto another horse a few years ago.   She was just purchased June 2017.   She mainly does flat lessons with older students as she is hard to steer for smaller riders.  She can also jump, but riders find her hard to stay on with her low head and neck.

Masters Peanut Brittle is a 2010 chestnut solid 15.2hh paint gelding I have raised from a foal.  He is also one of Lisa’s trail riding horses for going to the mountains. He has lots of power with his hind end and sometimes he puts in more effort than necessary and over jumps.

Gray Side of Justice is a 2003 16hh grey TB gelding.  He likes to jump, especially cross country.  He has been to shows.  Many of the jumping students enjoy riding him.

Mint (Beauty Beheld), left, is a 2000 14.3hh black pinto arab mare purchased October 2017.  She has done 4-H, jumping and trail rides in the past and had a foal May 2017. 


Buddy (CF Canadian Monarch), right, is a 1999 15hh paint gelding purchased November 2017.  He will be doing beginner flat lessons.  He is a friendly, calm natured gelding that is easy to get along with.  He has done dressage and drill team.

Strawberry Trifle is at 2013 black tobiano pinto percheron cross 16.1hh mare.  She started jumping in 2017.  She is on the lazy side, so needs to be pushed to keep moving but isn’t spooky so will jump anything.  She has also done obstacles and trail rides.  She is friendly, smooth and sweet.

Chief is a 2006 15.2hh sorrel overo paint gelding.  He has done 4-H, jumping, trails, obstacles.  He was purchased October 2018.  He does flat and jumping lessons with intermediate riders as he can be stubborn to steer sometimes and take advantage of inexperienced riders.

Miss Upscale Pyper is a 15.2hh 2014 Clydesdale/Paint/TB cross mare.  She is smooth and loves to jump.  Lisa uses her for trail rides and clinics.  She will be used for a few advanced students only as she gets confused by riders that don’t keep her balanced.  Purchased April 2018 and joined the lesson program January 2019.

Naomi (Zippos Stolen Porsche) is a 2008 sorrel overo 15hh paint mare.  She was trained for western pleasure and also enjoys trail rides.  She has a smooth slow lope, but is still easy to get going.  She can be ridden English also but doesn’t jump.

Loxley is a 2004 17hh bay Canadian Warmblood gelding(Holsteiner/TB) that joined our program in January 2020 after a couple years of being retired.  He was used for dressage and eventing before that. 

Rocky is a 2012 13.1hh bay welsh POA cross appy gelding.  He was just started this fall.  He loves to jump and even won the under 2’ division at our hunter show.  He will be starting to do lessons this spring with just a few experienced students.