+   8 pens for Mares/Geldings for Boarder Regular/Easy/Hard Keeper Horses.  Mares and Geldings kept separate.

+  9th pen added September 2016—Cubes only for horses with breathing or teeth issues that can’t be on hay.

+  Round bales will be fed in plastic horse-safe feeders with mesh on top to prevent waste of hay and horse from burying head into bale and breathing in hay bits. 

+  All pens are ~1 acre in size and have 5’ high horse safe mesh fencing, with an electric wire on top, auto waters, shelters & salt blocks and loose salt.

+   Boarders may use cross ties for tacking, indoor 170’x80’ insulated heated arena, 200’x80’ outdoor sand arena, indoor washrooms, viewing area & washracks.

+   We have 60 acres of pasture for grazing available mid May until end of September.

+    Please note that if horse is moved out for the summer months, space will not be guaranteed for fall boarding so we recommend year round boarding. 

+    We are limiting the number of boarded horses, so priority will go to those involved in our lesson program.  Email for a board availability.  Contract 

Waivers must be filled out and submitted online by anyone coming to our facility.  This includes spectators, vets, farriers, and other horse therapists.   

+  Kids under 14 boarding horses may sign up for supervised lease rides by session 1/week=$80 if space allows.  Email for Session availability.





Text Box: Limited Outdoor Pen and Pasture Board Year Round

+ Paints-Plus Equine Center +

Additional Service Charges

+    Large Tack Locker rental 2.5’w x 3’h w/2 saddle stands- $20/month

+    Medium Tack Locker rental (upstairs) 2’ wide x 3’ high - $15/month

+    Small Storage Locker rental (upstairs) 1’ wide x 1.5’ high - $5/month

+    Trailer parking (beside arena) - $20/month

+    Lesson saddle rental - $20/month (temporary) or $5/day

+    Private Pen (due to injury or sickness only) -- $30/month

+    Blanketing (no full face hoods allowed) -- $5/occasion if available

+    Farrier Service--$10 per occasion (schedule, catching, cleaning up after)

+    Special Handling for Vet/Farrier --by quote* ($20 minimum)

+    Catching for Deworming/Vaccinations/Teeth Check -- $10/occasion

+    Hay or cubes for show or trail ride --$1.50/scoop or $10/square bale

+    Wound Care and Medication (if available) --by quote*

+    Trailering -- $2.50/loaded km

Board Rates (updated November 2023)


Option 1: Regular Mare or Gelding Pens - $375/month 

Grass mix hay round bales (max 18 horses) *not available when pastures open


Option 2: Easy Keeper Mare or Gelding Pens - $375/month 

Square bale timothy hay fed twice daily (max 9 horses)


Option 3: Hard Keeper Pens - $435/month (max 9 horses)

A) Grass mix round or square bale hay & cubes, beet pulp, pellets daily

B) Cubes pen—15lbs hay cubes twice daily and square bale timothy in barrel nets


Option 4: Summer Pasture - $360/month—available June to end of Sept